I Didn’t Wake Up Like This – In Defense of Makeup

Okay, first things first (I’m the realest – kidding) – I think the no-makeup makeup thing isn’t for me.

If I’m wearing eye makeup, I want you to see my amazing blending and cut-crease eyeshadow. I want the world to see how on point my wings are. I want you to see that my eyebrows are on fleek, My lipstick may be vampy and in your face, but they are still brighter than your future if you’re trying to tell me to wear less makeup. I enjoy a good contour, because I have a sharp jawline but no cheekbones to speak of.

I’m also here to tell you that it’s okay.

I don’t wear makeup for men. Who wants to wear makeup for a (majority) demographic that can’t tell the difference between my four favorite red lipsticks? (That would be MAC’s Russian Red, Maybelline ColorSensational in Red Porcelain and Red Revival, and bollywood PROFESSIONAL Liquid Lipstick in Just Bitten; in no particular order) In fact, I’ve only recently taught my boyfriend the difference between matte and satin finishes on a MAC lipstick. I’m pretty sure every single person I’ve dated is mildly horrified at the amount of money I spend on makeup.

Getting dressed in the morning, applying makeup and taking it all off at night – these are my personal rituals and it calms my anxiety down to more manageable levels. I’m naturally a nervous wreck, and makeup is cheaper than therapy. Do I regret any of it? No, not really. Liking what I see in the mirror helps my self-esteem more than anything.


credit: gonetowonderlandd
credit: gonetowonderlandd

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’ll be turning 22 in two months (at the time of writing), and I am obsessed with makeup and fashion. These are my main passions in life, and there’s no shame in it. Keep an eye on this page; I’ll be posting up regular life updates, reviews, looks and more!


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